Yesser Program seeks to use information and communications technologies for the e- participation in the processes of government agencies, design and provision of government services, policy formulation, decision-making, provision of information, advice and governance by:

  • 1

    Encouraging citizens to participate in the decision-making through government agencies.

  • 2

    Enhancing the communication channels and creating smart interactive channels.

  • 3

    The Government agencies are working to realize the expectations and aspirations.

  • 4

    Increasing the quality of services provided by government agencies.

The Guideline for Using the e-Participation Tools in the Saudi Government Agencies

This guideline is the result of a collaborative effort between the e-Government Program (Yesser) and a wide range of government agencies, academic institutions, private-sector entities, and civil society, whose participation of feedback and expertise was of great importance in accomplishing this guideline. Yesser Program wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to all of these agencies.

e-Participation Platform (Sahem)

It monitors all the views and suggestions sent by the citizens and residents regarding drafts announced by the government agencies prior to formal approval, in order to open the door for e-participation when making any decision.

e-Participation Platform (Sahem) Goals:

Digitizing the process of citizens’ engagement with the government agencies.

Providing cooperation opportunities between the government agencies and citizens.

Involving the citizens in decision-making and improving the government services.

Creating interactive channels between the government agencies and citizens.

Raising the rank of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the UN e-Participation Index.