Yesser leaders

The role of the e-Government Program (Yesser) is to stimulate the implementation of government transactions, decentralize transactions, and strengthen the coordination and integration between government agencies.

About our CEO

Eng. Ali Nasser Al Asiri
Eng. Ali Nasser Al Asiri CEO of e-Government Program

Eng. Ali Nasser Al Asiri, our CEO, is working tirelessly with us to attain the government’s digital transformation in Saudi Arabia and support and enable the government agencies to adopt digital means, as opposed to traditional means, to ensure the realization of Saudi Arabia’s aspirations of an integrated and citizen-centric digital government.

Our Leaders

  • Eng. Hisham A. Alsheikh
    Eng. Hisham A. Alsheikh Deputy CEO of e-Government Program
  • Eng. Naif Murizeeq Alotaibi
    Eng. Naif Murizeeq Alotaibi Director-General of NCDC
  • Eng. Abdulrahman Saqer Almutairi
    Eng. Abdulrahman Saqer Almutairi VP of Strategy & Support Services Sector
  • Eng. Khalid Mohammed Suhaim
    Eng. Khalid Mohammed Suhaim VP of Technology
  • Eng. Basem Mohammed AlJedai
    Eng. Basem Mohammed AlJedai VP of Innovation and Products
  • Eng. Turki Abdullah Almana
    Eng. Turki Abdullah Almana VP of Digital Investment Sector
  • Ms. Walla Khairi Nahas
    Ms. Walla Khairi Nahas VP of Marketing Channels