Based on Yesser Program’s role and responsibility for the development of the digital government to a smart government in Saudi Arabia, the international partnerships aim to facilitate and accelerate communication and coordination with international agencies and organizations interested in the field of smart government.



Promoting the culture of international cooperation within Yesser and highlighting the role of Saudi digital government globally.


Building, developing and enhancing cooperation and partnerships with digital counterparts of government agencies and relevant international organizations or agencies.


Developing Yesser’s international participation plans and mechanisms.


Preparing, following up and supervising international agreements and memoranda with the relevant agencies.


Making recommendations for international participation in committees, conferences, seminars, workshops, and coordinating with the organizers.


Contributing to the development of digital government in Saudi Arabia, creating compatibility with international indicators, and achieving advanced ranks globally in the field of smart government.


Managing Yesser Program’s projects and initiatives with regional and international organizations and agencies with regards to the program's projects, initiatives, seminars, conferences, international meetings, exhibitions, and workshops.

Drafting agreements and completing their required accreditations.

Proposing amendments, updates, developments or cancellations of agreements, memoranda of understanding and international cooperation programs after studying their contents and accessibility.

Following up on the reports and publications issued by international organizations and agencies.

Managing the participation of Yesser’s employees in local and international events, and following up on the preparation and implementation of the results.

Participating in all projects related to international organizations, agencies and events (locally and internationally), including committees or projects.

Managing committees and projects’ files and monitoring their implementation as well as the initiatives and projects’ files with digital transformation partners.

Preparing studies and submitting recommendations regarding international and local partnerships.

Coordinating external visits for Yesser, preparing the visits’ agendas and objectives and facilitating their success with the relevant agencies in Saudi Arabia and abroad. keeping records of all the meetings that take place and submitting a report on the results of the visit.

Arranging and preparing for delegation visits to Saudi Arabia. Coordinating with the relevant agencies inside and outside Yesser, and this includes logistical and protocol arrangements.


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